Slimy, Sexy Short Film MONSTER DYKË to Premiere at Fantasia 2021

World Premiere of Mariel Sharp and Kaye Adelaide’s camp trans-lesbian monster micro-short

” A transgressive portrait of desire shot on 16mm, MONSTER DYKË examines trans-lesbian love and longing with humour, heat, puppetry and a subversive twist.” – Justine Smith

A transgender sculptress has a lesbian awakening when her creation comes to life to rock her world.

Shot on 16mm and featuring original music from Montréal’s Kue Varo, MONSTER DYKË is a sexy, gritty, campy yet tender portrayal of transgressive love and lust.

Lesbian power couple Mariel Sharp and Kaye Adelaide are at back at it after the multi-award-winning (incl. Fantasia’s Best Canadian short) witchy horror comedy DON’T TEXT BACK

MONSTER DYKË is another shoe-string budget short from True Sweetheart Films, short during the depths of the pandemic by a micro crew of über talented lgbtq+ and women artists.

The film stars writer/director Kaye Adelaide as The Sculptress and her co-star Andromeda is played by Herself –  and she’s the foxiest life-size latex sculpture you ever did see.

MONSTER DYKË will premiere as part of Fantasia’s Selection 2021, and be followed by GIVING BIRTH TO A BUTTERFLY (d. Theo Schaefer).

Screenings are scheduled for Monday August 9 at 9:15 PM and Wednesday August 11 at 9:00 AM.

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