A Movie For Those Who Flow With The Universe

Directed and Written by:

Daniel Christopher McCurry


Allyson L. Smith, Daniel Christopher McCurry, Macy Jacob, Devlin Laidlaw, and Jennifer Lavi

More About the Upcoming Film:

“I Wanted to make a movie that would cleanse us from HOLLYWOOD PROPAGANDA”

“A Horror movie for those ready for a revolution”

It was shot in a haunted abandoned 1950s Aquarium In Cleveland, OH (for behind the scenes footage visit the social media accounts below)

Facts About the Film:

-Daniel Christopher McCurry is a first time Director

-Much of this movie was Guerrilla style and on location including places where we’d be arrested

-Many parts were shot in 10 degree weather and below


-No actor saw the full script or even knows the ending

-It’s an indie movie on a 30 thousand budget 

-It’s not made for critics

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-Stay updated on the film

-Meet the Soul Consultants

-Be there when the phone lines open

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