We’re Bringing The World’s Most Awfully Hilarious Horror Anthology To The Screen!

We want to bring some of the classic Shingles tales by your favorite Shingles authors to the screen, and we’re teaming up with the unstoppable Steve Rudzinski (CarousHELL, CarousHELL2) to do it.

Laughs, gore, entirely inappropriate situations, we’ll capture the Shingles magic in all its sticky, uncomfortable glory.

Fisting puppets, cocaine murder Gnomes, and Zombie dildo fights are all on the table!

The classic Shingles tales we’re aiming to include in the anthology movie are:

The Legend of Jimmy Headshot

Can a big-talking gamer geek live up to his own hype when zombies invade?

Put Your Hand in My A**

Follow the adventures of Sloppy the sexually deviant puppet as he seeks fame at any cost!

Just Say Gnome

Starring Dusty, the cocaine pooping gnome. Can his murder spree be bought to an end?

Slaughter at Giggle Time Mountain

A sleeping evil at a run-down theme park is awakened by a new breed of killer and some ill-advised partying.

Zombies Ate My Homework

No horror anthology is complete without an actioned packed finale that pits teenage jerks against zombies with a little help from the Hello Titty Sex Shop Emporium!

Contributing to this movie…

Steve Rudzinski (CarousHell)

Robert Bevan (Critical Failures)

Drew Hayes (Super Powereds)

Rick Gualtieri (Bill the Vampire)

John G. Hartness (Bubba the Monster Hunter)

Steve Wetherell (Shoot the Dead)

Now it’s your turn to help make this movie happen! Please click the link below and support this campaign today…

There are plenty of awesome perks available in return for your pledge to this campaign such as…

-Digital, DVD, or Blu-Ray copies of the film

-Signed movie poster and postcards

-Being an extra

-Get the Sloppy Puppet used in the production and signed by Steve Rudzinski

Visit Shingles: The Movie on Indiegogo to…

-Learn more about the film

-Get the latest campaign and film updates

-Read all of the available perks

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