“Ash & Dust” – Posters and Trailer Revealed

The new film of Adrian Langley, director of the award-winning “Butchers” (2020) 

The genre specialized company Black Mandala presents the posters and trailer for its new crime-horror film, Ash & Dust, directed by Adrian Langley(A Violent State, Crook, and the winner of the Best Director Award for Butchers in Phoenix Fearcon). A haunting story involving characters to fear and a dark and unexpected secret.

In the words of its director: “I’m very pleased with the final film. It was very much an interesting cinematic journey for all of us to take and I believe we made something the audience will find to be something unique.”


In a small town, two modest couples find themselves caught up in a game of death with a vicious gang after the discovery of a mysterious box buried long ago.

Cast: Anne-Carolyne Binette, Nick Biskupek, Blake Canning, Mac Dale, Carly Fawcett, Kayla Meyer, Doug Phillips, Simon Phillips. 

Country: Canada.

Direct by: Adrian Langley.

Script: Adrian Langley.

Producer: Adrian Langley.

Executive Producers: Ken Bressers and Paul Tanter.

Associate Producers: Nicolás Onetti and Michael Kraetzer. 

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