New Music Video Razor Smile from VAZUM

Detroit deathgaze duo VAZUM release a new music video for their song Razor Smile from their most recent album, V+. Premiered Sunday, August 22nd on the YouTube channel of DJ Yami Spechie, Razor Smile was filmed by VAZUM in their home studio and directed by vocalist/bassist Emily Sturm. In the video Emily plays the archetype of the succubus while Zach Pliska (vocals/guitar/drums) plays the incubus in a parody of the toxic stereotypes of sexuality in modern culture. The lyrics for Razor Smile are a diatribe on the hypocrisy of people who purchase and consume pornography while disrespecting and shaming the people doing the work.  The opening line, ‘validate me, I’m the hottest on your screen’ begins a discourse between Zach and Emily playing the roles of influencer and troll. Visually, the video is inspired by the films of Dario Argento and Panos Cosmatos. Razor Smile is available for pay what you download from along with the VAZUM discography. 

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