Cult of Dracula: Collected Edition on Kickstarter Now

The underground horror comic hit Cult of Dracula made waves in 2021, re-imagining Bram Stoker’s classic set within a Manson Family inspired cult. Now, the modern tale of terror is on Kickstarter in the form of an exclusive hardcover special edition.

From Source Point Press and Writer/Creator Rich Davis, Cult of Dracula: Collected Edition is promised to be held to outstanding printing standards and made of the highest quality materials available.

“This will be a book that you’ll be proud to display in your library. We’re holding nothing back with this special edition. Each and every day, you can look at it and say, “I helped make this happen,” says Davis.

Cult of Dracula: Collected Edition includes all six issues of the original miniseries from Davis, Illustrator Puis Calzada (Hatchet, Willy’s Wonderland), Colorist Alex Zief (Hatchet, Monster Matador, American mythology: Monsters), and Letterer Dave Lentz (Warcorns, Good Boy)

In Cult of Dracula, Special Agent Malcom Bram arrives at the House of the Rising Sun. This secluded compound is the home of the secretive Ordo Dracul and the scene of a horrendous crime coined, “The Cult of Dracula Mass Suicides.” Mina Murray leads a documentary film crew to uncover the secrets of the mysterious cult by interviewing its enigmatic leader, Robert Renfield. Neither investigator is prepared for the gravity of the truths they will uncover.

“We set out to do something unique with the Dracula mythology. We wanted to tell our own story while holding true to the original themes and intentions of Stoker’s Victorian era tale,” says Davis. 

Cult of Dracula first released in early 2021, and quickly became an underground sensation, with readers calling it “a refreshing take on classic characters” and “a love letter to the 70s Golden Age of horror films.” The series is now set to include two sequels: Rise of Dracula, set to release in December, and Reign of Dracula in 2022. Cult of Dracula is also in development as a TV series from Sure Pictures.

“Cult of Dracula wouldn’t be here without an incredible coalition of readers, collectors and comic book retailers who believed in my book when they had absolutely no reason to do so. You embraced Cult of Dracula as your own and you made it an underground sensation,” says Davis. 

Source Point Press is a midwest publisher of books, comics, and graphic novels founded in 2012. Source Point Press is a division of Ox Eye Media. Cult of Dracula: Collected Edition is on Kickstarter until Thursday, Oct. 28 2021

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