UK Indie Horror Filmmakers Team up for new Horror Anthology ‘Video Shop Tales of Terror’

Video Shop Tales of Terror is a new horror anthology film which brings together some of the UK’s best indie horror filmmakers including; Alex Churchyard and Michael Holiday of TIS Films (I Scream on the Beach!/ Mosiac), Thomas lee Rutter of Carnie Films (Day of the Stranger / The Pocket Film of Superstitions), Mj Dixon of Myhco Entertainment (PandaMonium  /The Haunting of Molly Bannister), Sam Mason Bell of Trash Arts (Millennial Killer/ Acting), Michael Fausti of Fausti Films (Exit  /Dead Celebrities) and Andrew Elias of Ciao Handy (The Numbers / Tales From the Great War).

The film also includes some familiar faces from the UK Indie scene including Dani Thompson, Martin W. Payne, Hannah Paterson, Andrea Rose and Tony Mardon.

Video Shop Tales of Terror has been conceived by Singh Lall, who is the Curator of the Horror on Sea Video Club. Lall had the following to say about the film. “I have handpicked the best indie horror film directors out there to recreate and refresh the anthology genre. Horror fans will be in for a treat!

Synopsis: A sinister video shop holds the key to a collection of terrifying VHS related tales, told by a collective of UK indie horror filmmakers.

Whilst the film is currently in pre-production, you can see quotes below from the directors who are involved in the project:

TIS Films – “TIS Films are helping to craft the video shop wrap around as well as telling an Evil Dead inspired yarn about some teens who decide to conjure the spirit of Mary Whitehouse, purely to abuse her. We were honoured when Lall asked us to take part

Thomas Lee Rutter – “Carnie Features presents a tale of a failed filmmaker haunted by his own unrealised ideas!” Tom: “I’m honoured to be part of an ensemble of some of the UK most hardworking and talented horror filmmakers…its going to be like a ghoulish selection box!

MJ Dixon – “It’s a pleasure to be alongside such talented filmmakers, Singh Lall’s love for the genre is absolutely infectious and I can’t wait to take a trip back to the aisles of old to create a new nostalgic nightmare.”

Sam Mason Bell – “I cannot wait to be part of this indie horror anthology with some excellent unique voices involved. Looking forward to making a horror noir and have a hell of time shooting it!

Michael Fausti – “Perusing the video store shelves was a Friday Night delight! We are therefore truly delighted to be amongst some of the best British Indie filmmakers bringing horror aficionado Singh Lall’s vision to life. You can be assured of a suitably surreal, sleazy and shocking offering from Fausti Films. Coming to a video store near you soon!

Ciaohandy – “The Curator, Singh Lall, is a gentleman of exquisite film taste, extensive knowledge and passion. We’re honoured to be included in this collection of under-the-counter ‘manager’s special’ mayhem.”

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