We are the comedy group that made the Backstreet Boys horror parody “Slashstreet Boys” and the Freddy Krueger rap videos “Flicka da Wrist” and “Back to Back.”

If you haven’t heard of The Merkins let us do you a favor and introduce you with a couple of their more popular videos…

Slashstreet Boys – “I’ll Kill You That Way” (Official Backstreet Boys Parody)

Slashstreet Boys – “Slashing Bodies” (Official Backstreet Boys Parody)

Meet some of the group and check out some of their hit songs…


“Hello, Sidney” (Adele Parody)


“I Think My Chainsaw’s Sexy”

LL Cool Jason

“Momma Said Chop You Now” (Happy Mother’s Day)

Freddy Krueger

“Dreamer’s Paradise” (Gangsta’s Paradise Parody)

Vanilla Mike

“Slice, Slice, Baby” (Vanilla Ice Parody)

And what’s next for them…

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