Chilling Haunting Horror LAIR Drops First Trailer Ahead Of Nov. 9th VOD Release From 1091 Pictures


Adam Ethan Crow’s Chilling Haunting Horror Debut LAIR Drops First Trailer Ahead Of Nov. 9th Digital & VOD Release

Starring Corey Johnson (Morbius), Oded Fehr (Star Trek: Discovery), Alexandra Gilbreath (Becoming Elizabeth), Sean Buchanan (Mary Queen of Scotts), Aislinn De’ath, Kashif O’Connor, and newcomers Anya Newall and Alana Wallace

LAIR is available on digital and VOD platforms in North America on Tuesday, November 9th

Synopsis: When Ben Dollarhdye is accused of murder, saying he was possessed by a demonic force, Steven Caramore investigates his friend’s claims, setting off a chain of events that forces a young family into a terrifying battle for survival.

LAIR, which was completed in January 2021 during the global pandemic, is the feature debut from London-based writer/director Adam Ethan Crow following a series of celebrated and award-winning short films. The film is produced by ex-Fox VP Shelley Atkin, with an original score from Mario Grigorov (Fantastic Beasts) and SFX from Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated Tristan Versluis. 

A new twist on the classic haunting horror formula punctuated with strong female leads and inclusive, LGBTQ+ storylines, LAIR stars Alana Wallace, Kashif O’Connor, Corey Johnson, Oded Fehr, Anya Newall, Alexandra Gilbreath, Aislinn De’ath, and Sean Buchanan. The film World Premiered at FrightFest and screened at Salem Horror Fest this month.


Genre: Horror

Country: U.K.

Runtime: 95 min

Year: 2021

Language: English

Rated: NA

LAIR will be available in North America on November 9th, 2021


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