The First Novel In A Series. Behold, All That Is Strayer!

True evil lies masked in the darkness. Cloaked in the shadows of what is our understanding of the world around us. Our daily lives consume our focus and energy, making us oblivious to all that we do not see. The Stover’s seem like the average small-town family. Tangled within their problems, desires, and self-destruction, they do not see the true evil among them. The kind of evil that has remained hidden and able to flourish in the chaos of ignorance. Full of Twists and Turns unexpected and unique events that tell a tale weaved from Urban Legends, Folklore and run Parallel with actual historical events. Horror derived from Superstition, Mystery to engage the mind, Sex to articulate the flaws and frailties of the human condition, Action to bring an epic conclusion and make for a complete and fulfilling journey from cover to cover. Forget what you may know. Question what you have may have learned. Immerse yourself in a world re-imagined, unlike anything you have ever read before.

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Strayer Video Contest

To Celebrate the Release of the new Novel beginning Halloween 2021 and running until the Ides of March 2022 Fertile Dirt Studio is holding a no purchase necessary Video contest!

1st Place- Winner will be added as a Character in the 3rd Novel “King of the Mountain!”(and probably be killed off Dramatically!) Plus Receive Q8Zoom–zoom-q8-2.3k-hd-handy-video-recorder-with-interchangeable-mic-capsule-system Pictured Below!! Plus an Autographed Paperback Copy of Strayer along With Movie Size Poster of the Cover!

Complete details including how to enter can be found at:

And stay updated with what comes next in the series by following Fertile Dirt Studio on Twitter!

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