Celebrity Tumour is Launching its Maiden Voyage: Delivery

Featuring an exciting and international cast, writer and director M. T. Goins adopts a unique dramatic structure in the thirteen episodes. Delivery debuts in October 2021.

CELEBRITY TUMOUR presents writer and director M. T. Goins’ peculiar audio drama about an evolving global conspiracy and some very nasty characters. The debut concludes over a year in production and is populated by a renown international cast. DELIVERY will premiere across multiple platforms, releasing episodes throughout the month of October. 

““Brilliant podcast,” tweets voice actor JP Wright. “Glad to be involved.””

— JP Wright, voice of DI Chisholm

DELIVERY tells the story of the disappearance of Jimmy Curtains, a world weary investigator who becomes ensnared in a global plot. “It’s about the horrifying revelation that everyone changes and how we reconcile impermanence,” says Goins. “In this play, everyone is following various clues to the heart of something enormous.”

“A rather special ‘delivery’ in horror genre podcasting, this captivating writing and narration has a style all its own. Keeps you in it. Modern day story telling mastery (sound effects done right), it’ll be no surprise to me if this catches fire and spooks the bejeezus out of many….

Intelligent, descriptive, enticing. Tap dat play button….”

— “Josh” – Podchaser Review

As Jimmy recounts a litany of uncanny deliveries, it becomes apparent that he is currently missing. The communications between rogue journalist Mark H. and octogenarian DI Chisholm weave a greater mystery about Jimmy’s current location and the inexplicable clues he’s left behind.

“Great showrunner! He has a clear vision for his story and can easily communicate what he needs from the voice actor. I also loved how much I had to work with in the complex character he created! I’d be very happy work with [M. T. Goins] again, and I’m really curious to see what he creates next.”

— Nhea Durousseau, voice of Chastity

CELEBRITY TUMOUR, a production unit based in Tokyo and consisting solely of expat reprobates, was created by Goins in February, 2020. The mission of CELEBRITY TUMOUR is to produce the highest quality genre plays with an eye to characters and the people who play them.

“Just as we are delivered in birth, many hope to be delivered in death. What we fill our time with in between those two points are often grand, believable fictions we use to navigate the mysteries of existence. What’s in the box? Who’s at the door? Should we be afraid and if so, of what? The parables presented in this podcast guide us through the unknowable while casting fair glimpses of the discoverable.”

— Sean Elliott Harris, Actor

The impetus for DELIVERY was a hospitalization and resulting inspiration. “Mulling your own mortality is a powerful motivator,” confesses Goins. “I wanted to explore that and questions of personal identity. Audio dramas are remarkably malleable as a medium.

 These questions want to be unpacked dramatically. Also, alien invasion stories are cool.”

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