The approach to the house was strange. Quinn was aware of the Crater House nickname but hadn’t fully understood why it was called that. It was knowledge she could have done without. She didn’t like the optics of a house crouched in the bottom of a basin as though it were hiding. It made her think of a carnivorous insect, waiting to spring.

As the only survivor of an alleged haunted house, Quinn has spent years ensuring that no one else will endure what she has. Thanks to her special ability to sense a home’s personality, she uses her position as a realtor to make the perfect match with prospective homeowners and ensure harmony between them. But her talent is tested when she encounters Crater House. It is sentient. It is calculating. It wants occupants for all the wrong reasons.

Desperate, she seeks outside help. Team Spectral has all the equipment and eagerness to prove this is a major haunting and cleanse it, but Quinn questions if the ghost hunters realize what they’re in for. Crater House knows her and the ghost hunters intimately. It is prepared to twist time and reality. If they don’t quickly learn how to expel what has turned it rotten, Crater House is going to devour them.

“From page 1, it held my full attention. A captivating storyline that was well written. Characters were fascinating and loved that their backgrounds were slowly revealed throughout the story. A spooky tale with the right amount of scares and mystery.”

“It is well written with unexpected twists and turns. I definitely go scared at times besides chills. There are plot twists which I didn’t see coming were expertly done. It’s a great book for horror fans.”

“A must read if you enjoy reading about a character whose experienced the paranormal her entire life, with a group of investigators who want to prove the paranormal, and run into trouble, it’s for you!”

“Nice flow and build up of the story. I did get chills and hair raised on few occasions. Liked the idea of matching home with people – we are sometimes unexplainably pulled toward or repelled from people, places, objects. I would recommend it – it is well written, easy to follow, and the good length, and it fits perfectly into Halloween spirit.”

“The Curse of Crater House will definitely make you rethink the mundane process of house-hunting! This horror story fires on all cylinders: interesting characters, plot twists you don’t see coming, and scares galore. It feels a lot like a found footage film in book format, with all the visceral in-your-face intensity of the genre. Its scares are dialed to 11 and the action will leave you breathless until the story’s closing moments. You’ll be left stunned, but wanting more!”

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Rose Arcadia hides among the ghosts and monsters of the American Southwest.

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