Dark Alternative Band, AMULET Brings Tragedy to “Last Ditch” Video

Washington DC-based dark alternative band, AMULET has just unveiled the video to their song, “Last Ditch.”  The song appears on their latest album, House Of Black + White.

About the song: You can only take so much tragedy. There comes a point where you wonder if you’ll be able to go on. The ache of sorrow and loneliness feels eternal and all-consuming. You have a choice to make. You wonder if seeing crimson is the only way to really heal. 

For fans of: dark alternative, darkwave & goth

About the album…

House of Black + White is a bass-driven dark rock experience led by powerful female vocals. Each track is channeled from raw emotion and the exploration of concepts that only grow more profound with time. It is intense – yet nuanced – rock music that will activate you. It feels like victory with a side order of bitterness and despair, only to kick life back in the teeth with a steel-toed boot.

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AMULET is a DC-based dark alternative rock band founded by bassist MJ Phoenix and vocalist Stephanie Stryker. The band’s lineup is rounded out by guitarists Bob Carr and Mark Schramm, keyboardist Alison Frane, and drummer Thomas Grothe. The musicians represent an all-star line up of experienced players with hundreds of gigs in multiple acts behind them.

House of Black + White, the band’s 16-track debut album, was released in April 2021 and is available on all major music platforms. AMULET’s stage performance is highly visual and energetic using video, lasers, other visual effects and fashion to create a unique, stylish and unforgettable show.

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