New Album Unrated V Out Now

Unrated V is the new electronic Halloween album from Detroit deathgaze duo, VAZUM. Released Friday, October 22nd Unrated V features twelve dark electronic tracks inspired by classic horror tales and ghoulish characters. Layered with synths and drum machines, Unrated V explores industrial, electro and ambient styles with some tracks (Lycanthrope) being dance heavy, others (Summon Her) engulfed in harsh textures and noise, and the techno track (Wytch Tech) conjuring raves past of the abandon Packard Plant in Detroit. Unrated V is the electronic counterpart to Rated V, which the duo released last October as a Halloween concept rock album. In both releases the first six tracks tell the stories of horror characters while the latter six tracks dive into dark realms of other worlds and paranormal phenomena. VAZUM recorded and produced Unrated V in their very own Light Echo Studios. The album is available on all digital platforms and pay what you want download from

VAZUM was formed in 2017 by Zach Pliska (vocals/guitar/drums) after playing drums in various Detroit outfits. In 2019 Emily Sturm (vocals/bass) joined the band, adding an uncompromising sound and aesthetic which they describe as deathgaze; combining the raw energy of deathrock with the depth of shoegaze. Zach and Emily continued as a duo in 2020 releasing two albums (Vampyre Villa and Rated V) and an EP (Vazumnacht). In June, 2021 VAZUM released the album V+, garnering more acclaim and visibility while further honing the deathgaze sound.

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