“The Devil on Wheels” Movie Trailer is Here

After a few years of hard work, THE DEVIL ON WHEELS, our feature documentary about Steven Spielberg’s Duel, is almost ready!

Today we launch our website and full trailer, you can find a video explaining both here:



But there’s something ESSENTIAL left to do:

In order to include clips from the original film Duel in our doc we need to pay for the rights to use them.

With this campaign we are trying to raise 25.000 dollars, which is the amount of money we need to be able to include the bits of Duel and to be allowed to show the film in film festivals. Film festivals can be the door to a wider release!

Our donation campaign starts today, November 1st, and it will run only for 13 days (which is exactly the number of days in which Duel was filmed), and it will end on November 13th (the date which marks the 50th anniversary of Duel’s premiere in 1971).

Donate as much or as less as you want, or if you cannot afford it, just share it with friends and family.

Please, make the film possible!

Here is the trailer of our movie.


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