Sisters of Manchester New Supernatural Horror Novel by Director of Spidarlings

New book by Selene Kapsaski (director of Spidarlings) and Jeff O’Brien (author of The Night Manager), called Sisters of Manchester, a new supernatural horror novel released October 27th.

“A spellbinding dark tale of female empowerment and witchcraft. I am very impressed with all the ART flowing out of this must-read horror novel.” – Lloyd Kaufman


Sonia, a young trans woman with nothing left but her will to live, takes refuge at a women’s shelter known as Sisters of Manchester. Her violent, shape-shifting ex-boyfriend still hunts her at night. Her former life still plagues her. But, she is befriended by a trio of young, gorgeous witches at the shelter, seeking a fourth to complete their coven. Danielle, their leader, promises Sonia safety and power – enough power to destroy the monsters that torment her. But at what cost

Amazon link: Sisters of Manchester

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