Red Cape Publishing to Release ‘Origin of Evil: Beginnings’ by Caroline Angel on November 10th

Red Cape Publishing are thrilled to announce the release of Origin of Evil: Beginnings by Caroline Angel on November 10th 2021, Book Two in the Origin of Evil series.

Blurb: From Caroline Angel, author of Madman Across the Water, Less, and Where Shadows Move comes Origin of Evil: Beginnings.

With the Destroyer of Worlds still missing and evil lurking around every corner, the Guardians and their human helpers find themselves in a brutal fight to save The Dahn. With creature attacks on the rise and a shocking betrayal within their own ranks, time is running out.

The past and the present collide in Origin of Evil: Beginnings as the true nature of The Dahn is revealed and the consequences of the past return to haunt her. Will the truth be her undoing in this action-packed sequel to Origin of Evil?

Available to pre-order for Kindle (included in Kindle Unlimited) from Amazon at  

Paperback available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble from November 10th.

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