“Vortex: The Dawn of Sovereignty” Wins 5 Awards at Cannes World Film Festival

Vortex: The Dawn of Sovereignty wins 5 awards at Cannes World Film Festival – Best Mystic/Spiritual Movie – Best Sci Fi Movie – Best Realtor of the Future – Best Director of a First Long Film – Best Sound Band.  Now available from Bayview Entertainment. 

It’s 2047.  Every human being is identified and traced by large surveillance and censorship networks.  A few freethinkers have created an encrypted network  of alternative research and informatio, making it harder for law enforcement to track down.  Among them, a teenage girl, Serena, is secretly developing glasses to reveal vortices: doorways to other dimensions. 

“I am proud of the universe I have created. The costumes, the characters, the special effects, the music. It is this alchemy between the Sci-Fi universe, Steampunk and Cyberpunk that makes this film have a personality, a particular universe. All this mixed with philosophical dialogues, I do not know of any other comparable film. I worked every shot frame by frame and honestly, there isn’t a single minute in this movie where there aren’t any special effects. I wanted to make each frame fit into this particular universe and when I see the rendering with this grading that is both dark and very colorful, I think this film has a soul, a personality. I wanted to create a unique concept both in substance and in form. – Michel Rousseau

Director    Michel Rousseau
Starring    Cerise Rousseau, Térence Rousseau, Emilie Rousseau

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