Industrial Speedcore Band, SKAT INJECTOR Brings Anti-Human Propaganda to Bled Under A Burning Sky

‘Skat Injector follow an industrial black-grind path, flat out like a hardcore DJ on an adrenaline shot’– John Norby (Zero Tolerance Magazine)

Bled Under A Burning Sky is the new record from SKAT INJECTOR. Grindcore-inspired speedcore and a diatribe of anti-human propaganda because that’s what we deserve for what we’ve become.

Willful ignorance, habitat loss, animal abuse, global ecocide, global warming, environmental pollution, overpopulation and many other attributes of a leeching narcissistic race which needs to live within its bounds.

For fans of : Agoraphobic Nosebleed, The Berzerker & Whourkr

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SKAT INJECTOR is the solo project of Zara Skumshot which was formed in London during the mid 2000’s. He focuses on speedcore, industrial, harsh noise and electronic grindcore.

SKAT INJECTOR is dedicated to the extreme and has shared stages with such names as Brutal Truth, Consumer Electronics, Leech Woman, Gabba Front Berlin and Fm Einheit of Einstürzende Neubauten.

Zara has released multiple records with his project on all formats including a 7’ split vinyl with Relapse Records’  Total Fucking Destruction, Ireland’s Drugzilla and Yudlagar.

With a flare for sonic terrorism and a taste for the theatrical SKAT INJECTOR has blasted its way across twelve countries including multiple hard techno rigs, Balterfest and Berlin’s ‘Fuck Parade’.

Devastating beats per minute and hellish screams make SKAT INJECTOR more than at home performing to a variety of audiences, from the metal scene and speedcore scene to the noise and avant garde scene.

When not performing as SKAT INJECTOR Zara fronts Jazz Grindcore outfit Sarcastic Burn Victim and manages Slime City Records.

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