Infidelity Kills in Horror Short “PLATFORM” 

A new British independent short horror film brings to life the escalating sense of claustrophobia and dread resulting from an adulterous affair, with horrifying results.

Set on a deserted train station, the film centres around a husband who, while returning home from an illicit encounter, must face the haunting consequences of his carnal desires.  

The film recently enjoyed a successful run of festival screenings at the likes of GRIMMFESTLUND FANTASTIC and the BRITISH HORROR FILM FESTIVAL where writer/director Mark Pluck won the Rising Star Award.

Mark’s previous writing credits include 2017’s voyeuristic thriller The Photographer starring Sophia di Martino (Marvel’s Loki), and in 2019 he produced comedy horror Meat is Murder.


Writer/Director Mark Pluck reveals his inspiration behind PLATFORM: 

“I’m fascinated by how each of us lives two separate lives; one out in the physical world and the other inside our own heads. With this film I wanted to explore what might happen if these two worlds inexplicably collided and became indistinguishable from one another. The idea scared me, as do train stations at night, so I decided to marry the two together and write a story centred around the conflicting and often internalized feelings of guilt and lust.” 

PLATFORM was filmed in Glynde, East Sussex and stars Finlay Robertson and Isabella Inchbald.   

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