“Reading a book by J. Manfred Weichsel is like going on the most insane, spinny, whirly, turn-you-upside-down ride at the fairground, getting off, puking, and then immediately wanting to get back on again.” Paul Lucas-

“He’s something akin to a chaos magician, who uses whatever is necessary to get the job done and cast his spell, easily switching between belief systems and moral principles as needed to tell the story he wants to tell.” Tara Grimravn-

“He (J. Manfred Weichsel) writes with a fearlessness that goes beyond the safe and carefully prescribed limits of what passes for the counter-culture today. His works don’t so much touch upon third rails of the zeitgeist as they gleefully grab hold of them.” Jon Mollison-

“Weichsel is unapologetically Pulp Revival, and his work shows that refusal to be bound to the conventions of any one genre.” Misha Burnett-

“At a time where many are trying to claim the mantle of what Dangerous Visions should have been, J. Manfred Weichsel’s… speculative fiction tales… stray perilously close to the live wires of impolite society without resorting to preaching or morality tales.” Nathan Housley-

“Weichsel is a writer who is not afraid to push boundaries or take chances. On the whole, he’s successful.” Keith West-

Who is J. Manfred Weichsel?

J. Manfred Weichsel writes satires that fuse adventure, horror, science fiction, and fantasy into some of the most original transgressive literature being published today.

Weichsel began writing short fiction in 2016 with stories that have appeared in some of the biggest titles of the new pulp movement, such as Cirsova Magazine and the Planetary Anthology series.

When the pandemic hit, Weichsel was suddenly jobless, but—thanks to government handouts—making more than he had been when working. He decided to treat his situation as an opportunity, and began writing longer works and learning how to self-publish.

Now a fiercely independent author, J. Manfred Weichsel aims to fulfill the promise of self publishing with works ungoverned by the constraints of traditional publishing houses and the inhibitions of polite society.

Loved by some and hated by others, Weichsel’s funny, unconventional, often grotesque books inhabit a unique space in American literature and will be read, talked about, and debated for generations to come.

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When angels lie with women, the fate of man hangs in the balance!

The angelic Watchers of antediluvian earth have one God-given mission – to educate the primitive human population. But Edna has more interesting things to do than schoolwork. When she notices that Samyaza, the leader of the Watchers, has taken a prurient interest in her, Edna comes up with a plan: flirt with him to get better grades. After all, what does it matter? Angels just aren’t built for that.

But angels have powers Edna is unaware of. When the men are exiled to the mountains, the women of earth are left in the clutches of the Watchers. Can she resist their advances and keep from becoming the mother of great evil?

“‘Not Far From Eden’ is a darkly satirical romp through the Antediluvian period as well as today. Once again, Mr. Weichsel wields his satire like an Olympic fencer handles a foil. It hits the mark again and again.

Some satire requires characters acting in utterly unrealistic ways. Not here! His characters enhance the story and satire quite well. Despite the strange (and sexual) situations they are put in, they act like people would act. They have realistic reactions to wild events that would never happen to us normal, everyday folk. I found myself nodding as I read. “Of course that character would act that way. It makes sense.”

The plot moves along briskly, stopping just as long as it needs to and not a paragraph more. This is one author who respects your time. The story is told efficiently and memorably. I only put it down because I had to go to work!

Highly recommended, but keep it away from the kids. While this is not erotica, there are some sexual encounters in the story.”

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