Cracked Skull Press

Jessica Landry

Gary A. Braunbeck

Lucy A. Snyder

Tim Waggoner

Megan Hart

Gwendolyn Kiste

and more are set to bring horror fans…

An anthology of horror stories written by Ohio authors, set in Ohio, and revolving around the theme that which cannot be undone.

Did you think Maine has a monopoly on horror? Or that college football holds Ohio’s sole claim to fame?

Truth be told, a multitude of well-known, award-winning authors of horror populate the Buckeye state. Earlier this year, Cracked Skull Press, an assembly of Ohio-based horror writers Rami Ungar, Ray Pantle, Randall Drum, and David Day, formed with a single goal: to create an anthology of terrifying tales featuring our strange state.

With your support, we seek to raise awareness of our local talent.

The anthology will include a conglomeration of different horror subtypes. Whether supernatural, psychological, gothic, slasher, or eldritch, what unites each story is that they are all set in Ohio and revolve around the theme of “that which cannot be undone.”

It will be published through Cracked Skull Press and is slated to be released in October of 2022.

Cracked Skull Press and all these wonderful authors are looking for YOUR support in making this anthology happen! Please click the pic, and help support their campaign today…

There are many fantastic rewards available in return for your pledge to their campaign like…

-A printed and/or ebook copy of the anthology

-A signed copy by one or all the featured authors

-Have your fictional self die in stories by Rob Boley, or Gary Braunbeck

-Get an invite to the private victory party 

-Get this creepy custom made candle…

Visit That Which Cannot Be Undone on Kickstarter to…

-Learn about the authors involved

-Check out the timeline for publishing the anthology

-Find all of the available rewards for this campaign

If you can’t donate to the campaign please consider supporting this campaign by sharing this promotion, or the campaign itself on your  social media!

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