World Premiere of Troma’s Stop Animation Horror Film “Curse of the Black Shuck”

Troma are proud to bring you the world premiere of Rahel Kapsaski’s new Stop motion animation horror film

Curse of the Black Shuck on the 1st of January on TROMA NOW!


The Black Shuck is a demonic black dog in British folklore. He was last sighted in Norfolk where he broke into a church and killed several people. 

This surreal stop motion horror film follows the shuck as he escapes the underworld and causes havoc.

Curse of the Black Shuck is the first film by painter, actress and producer Rahel Kapsaski ( Spidarlings) 

Shot entirely in one summer with props, dolls, sets and effects created by Rahel.

With music by Daniele Santagiuliana ( Testing Vault )

Features the voice talent of Ciaron Davies ( The Manson Family Massacre) and Herschell Kapsaski 

Produced by the team that brought you Spidarlings and Mephisto’s House of Ill Repute

Selene, Rahel and Gabriella Kapsaski

You can stream it via ROKU, APPLE, AMAZON FIRE TV, & Google Play!

Or watch it here

Trailer : Curse of the Black Shuck (2020) Official Trailer [HD]

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