A Wide Range of Horror Icons, Film Critics, Filmmakers, Mental Health Professionals, and More Join Roster of Interviews for Genre Documentary Film

MENTAL HEALTH & HORROR: A DOCUMENTARY, the upcoming feature-length documentary discussing the positive impact horror films can have, shares updates on the project. Led by director Jonathan Barkan (The Horror Collective, DREAD, Bloody-Disgusting), producer Andrew Hawkins (Jan Švankmajer’s Insect, In Search of Darkness: Part II), and executive producer David Lawson Jr. (Synchronic, The Endless) the documentary has recruited a variety of interview subjects including horror icons, fans, film critics, historians, directors, writers, and professionals from the mental health world.

  • Nicholas Vince – Hellraiser, Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Nightbreed

  • Chelsea Rebecca – Host of Dead Meat, Practical Folks

  • Jhonen Vasquez – JTHM, Squee, I Feel Sick, Invader Zim

  • American McGee –  American McGee’s Alice, Alice: Madness Returns

  • Sara ‘Chibi’ Taylor – Lead Singer of The Birthday Massacre

  • Lola Blanc – American Horror Story, Fatale Collective

  • Megan Rosati – Two Sentence Horror Stories, Bleed 

  • Izzy Lee – Innsmouth, My Monster

  • Paddy Murphy – The Perished

  • Dave Sheridan – Scary Movie, Victor Crowley

  • LG White – Fine Artist, Vocalist of Caduta Massi

  • Ariel Fisher – Managing Editor of FANGORIA, News Editor at /FILM

  • Prince Jackson – Host of Knight Light: A Horror Movie Podcast

  • Kaci Hansen- Host of The Homicidal Homemaker

  • Rebecca-Lucia Wilcox – Frightfest “New Blood” Winner, Clubhouse Horror

  • Jenn Adams- Host of The Losers Club, Psychoanalysis, Strong Female Antagonist

  • Matt Donato – Journalist, Certified Forgotten

  • Amy Beddows – Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

  • Blake Novy, M.D. – Psychiatry Resident

  • Sydney Resendes – M.S. in Forensic Psychology

In addition to new cast for the documentary, director Jonathan Barkan has shared an update on the film’s progress:

“Over half a year ago, we broke ground and began production on MENTAL HEALTH & HORROR: A DOCUMENTARY. Since then, we have conducted nearly 30 interviews with people around the world. From horror fans to creators in the genre to mental health professionals who recognize the validity and positive impact that horror can have, our documentary is full of diverse, knowledgeable, passionate voices who have spoken their truths so that others don’t have to feel alone. The work we’ve done so far with MENTAL HEALTH & HORROR: A DOCUMENTARY has exceeded my wildest expectations and the response to our project has been overwhelming in the most beautiful and incredible of ways. There’s still so much to do but I promise you that we’re creating something that will touch the hearts of countless people. Join us and help be a part of something truly special.” 

In response to the support and demand for the project, the MENTAL HEALTH & HORROR: A DOCUMENTARY team has launched an Indiegogo: InDemand to give fans and audiences the opportunity to support this documentary who may not have gotten the chance the first time. 

To learn more about  MENTAL HEALTH & HORROR: A DOCUMENTARY, please visit:

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