What If… The Skulls Jumped into Bed with Locke and Key

Bad Bug Media launches Black Jackets #4 and 5

Black Jackets #4 Cover A – Francesco Tomaselli

If the idea of The Skulls (yes, that film starring Pacey from Dawsons Creek) and Locke and Key combined into a creepy monstrous fraternity floats your boat then this release of Black Jackets is just what the inter-dimensional doctor ordered.

Written and created by Mike Tener and illustrated by Francesco Tomaselli, Black Jackets #4 (and #5) continues the creepy black and white story of five teenagers who are relunctantly thrown into the throes of a monster hunting fraternity. Black Jackets is filled with the thrills, chills and the undercurrent of a teen drama you’ll grow to love.

In issue 3, the Jackets were attacked by an old member of the Black Jackets fraternity, who had crossed the interdimensional gateway between the human world and the demonic world. With that old friend and new foe dispatched thanks to a member of the order’s British chapter, the Black Jackets crossed the gateway to see what new horrors lie in wait.

Black Jackets #4 Cover B – Ele Nichols

Black Jackets #4 picks up immediately where Issue 3 left off and boasts an impressive assortment of Variant Covers for Kickstarter supporters and fans of Bad Bug Media to latch onto:

Cover A – Francesco Tomaselli

Cover B – Ele Nichols

Cover C – Elisabeth Zill

Cover D – Winston Gambro

Cover E – David Brame

Lettered by industry favourite Dave Lentz, Black Jackets #4 and 5 are dropping March 1st on Kickstarter. Setup your Kickstarter notifications by heading here.

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