Ghost Horror AFTER SHE DIED Coming to VOD 9/30




On Demand September 30th

Directed by THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER VFX Artist Jack Dignan

Jen’s mother is dead. Her relationship with her father, John, is fractured beyond repair. Her friends, all recent high school graduates, are moving on with their lives and leaving behind the small town they once called home. Jen is, in every sense of the word, alone. That is until John introduces Jen to his new girlfriend, Florence… a woman who looks and sounds identical to Jen’s dead mother.

Writer/Director/Producer: Jack Dignan
Cast: Liliana De La Rosa (Jen), Vanessa Madrid (Isabel/Florence), Paul Tabot (John), Adam Golledge (Adam)
Co-Producer/DP: Rhys William Nicolson
Country: Australia
TRT: 101 min
Language: English/Spanish

About the Filmmaker
Jack Dignan began his career as a well-regarded Australian film journalist, publishing written reviews across multiple platforms while working on his own DIY short films. In the lead-up to his feature length directorial debut AFTER SHE DIED, Jack spent years working on high-profile Hollywood productions, such as THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER, FURIOSA, ELVIS, SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS, and more. He’s collaborated and worked with numerous Oscar winners and brings that knowledge and experience into his own filmmaking career.

About Cranked Up Films
Cranked Up Films is the genre-leaning label of Ohio-based production and distribution company, Good Deed Entertainment. Its recent releases include the alt-rock documentary BLEEDING AUDIO, the dark fairy tale comedy SQUEAL, and the Will Forte-starring horror comedy EXTRA ORDINARY.

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