“The Shadow Warrior” Film Score by D4Disgruntled Gets An Official Release

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The Temporary Cover – the silhouette will get replaced by a similar silhouette of Strange Nocturnal since he is the main character who is the martial artist in the film

D4Disgruntled’s first official “film score” to the indie film “The Shadow Warrior” by musician/composer/filmmaker Strange Nocturnal. Inspired by the filmmaker’s own music styles as well as those of 80s Synthwave and SynthPop, 90s Techno & Industrial, and modern-day creepy Sound Design, D4Disgruntled’s score will take you into dark regions of the imagination, provide kick ass moments of action and balls to the wall horror and chaos. There are some introspective and melancholy moments thrown in for good measure as well.

The music helps to tell the story of Ray – a martial artist – who teams up with an archeologist to unlock the hidden mysteries of a recently discovered (but long forgotten) civilization. What they discover is a legend prophesizing the return of a Dark Entity and its minions to make a second attempt at destroying humanity. It is up to Ray and the Archeologist to find a way to stop the return of the Dark entity.

What many don’t know is that D4Disgruntled never saw the film when he was composing the music as he was brought on when the film started shooting. He created the score based on what Strange Nocturnal provided me in writing. D4Disgruntled listened to much of SN’s music on YouTube and Spotify to get an idea of his musical tastes and to create something in line with those musical styles. From there D4Disgruntled worked remotely as SN was in the UK and he was here in Los Angeles, CA. They communicated through texting and messaging and uploaded files for review.

What started as a request for 5 tracks – a trailer cue, an extended suite based on the trailer cue, a techno high energy cue, a dramatic and melancholy cue and an all-out, balls to the wall horror chaos cue – turned into a little over an hour of music. After D4Disgruntled finished the initial 5 tracks (totally around 30 minutes) he told SN that temp tracking the film by drawing on the 30 minutes of music would get repetitive. He offered to expand the music to a full-on film score that would offer way more choices for SN to use in the film.

Strange Nocturnal used pretty much all the music D4Disgruntled composed. There was not much editing done to the music nor much went unused. That is a rarity these days too. D4Disgruntled was expecting to hear it all chopped up and temped all over the place, but he did not do that. SN respected the music the way D4Disgruntled respected SN’s story and directions. D4Disgruntled looks forward to working with SN again even if it is not a film or show, a music collaboration would be just as exciting.

The music is structured like a film score with motifs and melodies that are used throughout the album and evolve as the story evolves. This is all instrumental, there are no songs on this album. The album program is in chronological order as D4Disgruntled had originally envisioned and runs for an 1 hr. and 17 mins.

That’s a lot of horror, chaos, action and drama to enjoy.

—- Links to Promo Video and track preview clips —–

“The Shadow Warrior” Original Motion Picture Score || Album Release

“The Shadow Warrior” Clips Now On YouTube & Project Insights || BTS

Music Track Preview Clips

New Beginnings

Decoding Scripture

A Spiritual Calling

The Past Is Catching Up (segment 1 & 2)

The Training Never Stops (segment 1 and 2)

Warriors Fight (segment 1 and 2)


Allow Myself To Introduce…Myself

Me Exploring A Musical Idea

Me When I Find The Right Idea

My Soundtrack Collection

My Composing Workstation Set-Up

D4Disgruntled creates “Concept Soundtrack Albums” in which he rescores horror and sci-fi movies and shows with original new music while also composing music inspired by his own horror, sci-fi, fantasy and action stories.

He is a huge fan of film music since high school. 25 years building a knowledge base and exposure to both a wide range of film music composers and the industry itself. His own musical styles are influenced by the following composers – some who are no longer with us: Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Christopher Young, Richard Band, Hans Zimmer, Marco Beltrami, John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream primarily.

D4Disgruntled also works as a music assistant for horror film composer Richard Band and manages his website. He has also been mentored by film composers Chuck Cirino (Chopping Mall) and John Massari (Killer Klowns From Outer Space).

His albums are not just for commercial gain and to build a fan-base but are a means to garnering the attention of filmmakers and content creators who might also be fans of his to eventually reach out and hire him to score their projects. They are long form narratives being told musically.

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About Me Video

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