The Ambie Awards – Indie Nominee FOR BLOOD OR JUSTICE

For Blood or Justice has been nominated for an Ambie Award

This scripted horror-noir podcast is an indie audio drama from two indie filmmakers who were able to wrangle incredible and stunningly diverse talent such as Danny Trejo, Kellan Lutz, Steven Weber, Spencer Garrett, Phil LaMarr, Xander Berkeley, Jearnest Corchado and other renowned VO actors including Tara Strong, Eric Bauza, Maurice LaMarche during the pandemic for their truly independent & low budget project.  

Produced to let audiences “see” their way through the gritty, period story, the episodes were intentionally performed without a narrator and the acclaimed, which performed over 60 roles, was drawn from film, tv and the voice over world. Sound design elements were also considered characters, selected to let listeners dive into the dark underworld and elicit the motion and emotion like no other serial available today. The stylized and distinctive artwork from the companion graphic novel completes and complements the depths of the horror-noir world set in the summer of 1977. It was written and created by Todd Kniss, edited and art directed by Eduardo Lopez, with pencil and inks by Wayne Lowdy, color by Gregory Albert and Sean Callahan, cover art by Paul Sylva, and lettering by Brian Wright.

Listen to samples here or visit FBOJ’s LinkTree for more. And, let’s help these guys and the podcast get some more attention – won’t you share  this iTunes link with your followers – or any other podcast platform you love & prefer? Give them a thumbs up, RT and share.

IG: @forbloodorjustice  Twitter: @bloodorjustice

#Horror #AudioDrama let’s represent!

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