“The Brotherin” Concept Soundtrack Album Unleashes A Pent-Up 80s Synthwave Style Beast

D4Disgruntled’s latest Concept Soundtrack Album “The Brotherin” has been unleashed onto the public. Inspired by music of Tangerine Dream and John Carpenter of the 80s, D4Disgruntled’s score (to a movie that doesn’t exist) will take you on a journey into the dark side of humanity completed with drug addiction, sex addiction, bestiality, corporate corruption, conspiracy theories, and of course, murders.

What was originally composed as a 3 track music submission to an open call for music submissions for use in a documentary about 80s horror movies became a D4Disgruntled’s latest Concept Soundtrack Album.

The filmmakers of the “In Search of Darkness 1 & 2” were finishing up part 3 and placed an open call for music submissions in which if chosen, the track(s) would be used in the film. The style requested was to be inspired by Stranger Things and other similar Synthwave styled music.

D4Disgruntled reviewed the original composer’s work on the first 2 films to get a sense of what was done before. He also watched both ISOD 1 & 2 to see how the music was used in the films. From there, D4Disgruntled fell back on his love for John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream music from the 80s and created 3 tracks using synth instruments and stinger effects commonly used during the 80s and on horror films specifically.

While waiting to here back (which never happened) he decided to expand the music ideas in the 3 tracks into a full-on album.  He wrote the story to which the final music helps to tell. What was only 6 – 8 minutes to begin with turned into over an hour of music inspired by John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream and 80s Synthwave. All of it is complete with electronic drums, synth pads and brass, synth bells and chimes, synth organs, classic glittery stingers and ambient sounds, breathy synth chorus, and various risers and descenders. Those original 3 tracks are included in the album program.

The music tells the story of a man who becomes an unknowing victim of a larger conspiracy involving the sex enhancement drug he has become addicted to called “The Brotherin”. What he thought was a healthy sex drive becomes an uncontrollable hunger and desire to hunt down and sexually conquer men and women. This leads to a series of encounters in which the other person is found dead by him the next morning – mutilated as though an animal had done it.

While our main character is on the run and in hiding, he tries to uncover what is happening on his own. He experiences new side effects such as hallucinations of a monster inside himself and nightmarish recollections of the nights he hooked up with people and thought he saw a monster in the room doing the killing. It turns out to be him doing it. Before long, there are physical alterations to his body in slow and painful stages of morphing.

He tracks down the dealer who supplied him the drugs only to discover that it is a dead end. In this journey, he is followed and caught by a gang of associates for a big farmer company who inform him of what is going on. It is revealed to him that there is an agenda to bring back the – long thought to be extinct – race of Werewolves called “The Brotherin”. The sex enhancement drug by the same name is the key to activating the DNA genes that were intentionally suppressed a long time ago, causing The Brotherin to appear to have died off. Identifying everyone who has the gene is not an easy task.

The Pharma company put the drug on the market aimed at the seedy underworld of clubbing, sex, and drugs. That way they can see who gets activated and those who don’t. Essentially, the public is the clinical trials. They also can use the excuse that if anything goes awry, they can brush it off as “they were all addicts who thought they were werewolves”.

The main character accepts the offer and joins The Brotherin cult as he has no other real options – either join them or go to prison for the murders he committed. He is witness to the final stages of the Brotherin race. 

The ancient leader has been stored away and his DNA is what is used in the drug that everyone is taking. But when he is awakened, he calls upon his minions (those that have been activated – including the main character) to slaughter the humans so that The Brotherin can reclaim their rightful place again and making humans their everyday game fodder.

It is revealed that the main character was in fact an undercover DEA officer. He risked his own life not realizing what all he would have to go through to uncover the truth. While he accepted the offer to join The Brotherin they had no idea he was leading the authorities directly to them.

After a huge climax of The Bortherin running amuck and going on a killing spree, massacring hundreds of humans. With the help of the main character having fully transformed himself into a Werewolf, The Brotherin are eventually brought down and brutally executed. As for the Big Pharma company behind it all, they get away with everything as they used the excuse, “The drug works as intended as a sex enhancement drug. They were all addicts who thought they were Werewolves.”

—- Links to Promo Video and track preview clips —–

The Making Of “The Brotherin” || A Horror Concept Soundtrack Album

Music Track Preview Clips

Wheeling & Dealing


It’s The Work Of The Brotherin


Body Dysmorphia Paranoia


Tracking Down The Dealer


The Drug Works As Expected


A Sense Of Being Followed


Caught Red-Handed


The Brotherin IS The Connection


An Offer That Can’t Be Refused


The Brotherin Run Amuck



Allow Myself To Introduce…Myself

Me Exploring A Musical Idea

Me When I Find The Right Idea

My Soundtrack Collection

My Composing Workstation Set-Up

D4Disgruntled creates “Concept Soundtrack Albums” in which he rescores horror and sci-fi movies and shows with original new music while also composing music inspired by his own horror, sci-fi, fantasy and action stories.

He is a huge fan of film music since high school. 25 years building a knowledge base and exposure to both a wide range of film music composers and the industry itself. His own musical styles are influenced by the following composers – some who are no longer with us: Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Christopher Young, Richard Band, Hans Zimmer, Marco Beltrami, John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream primarily.

D4Disgruntled also works as a music assistant for horror film composer Richard Band and manages his website. He has also been mentored by film composers Chuck Cirino (Chopping Mall) and John Massari (Killer Klowns From Outer Space).

His albums are not just for commercial gain and to build a fan-base but are a means to garnering the attention of filmmakers and content creators who might also be fans of his to eventually reach out and hire him to score their projects. They are long form narratives being told musically.

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About Me Video

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