Concept Soundtrack album that tells the tale of a grisly series of murders in which all the victims all appear to be the result of vicious animal attacks. Before long it is discovered that there is a link between the victims and a new sex drug called “The Brotherin” they used. 

“The Brotherin” is supposed to release the inner animalistic sexual sides of people. The result,in some cases is a horrendous murder. As the authorities close in on their suspect, both the cops and the suspect begin to learn the true purppose of the drug. 

A big pharma company who produces “The Brotherin” has been trying to bring back the long supressed and dorment genes in humans that create Werewolves. The CEO of the company is himself an ancestor of the believed extinct race of Werewolves called The Brotherin and has been working to re-activate the genes hidden in some humans. His goal is to start a new race of Werewolves to conquer the world. 

However, is this all simply paranoid delusion in the mind of the main character – the murder suspect who is addicted to “The Brotherin” drug? Or is there really a plot to bring back Werewolves?


While the story can be set in modern day, I wanted to explore the sensibilities of John Carpenter and Dark Synth Wave similar to Stranger Things while not copying Carpenter or Stranger Things, I listened to these styles and then let my imagination run wild and create something that is inspired, original and not derivitive. 

There is a narrative structure to the music, using themes and motifs and developing them throughout the album as the story unfolds. I utilize many synth sounds heard in 80s film scores to horror films including electronic drums, synth pads and strings, stingers, organs, glittery sounds and bells and an array of creepy sound effects. 

Surprisingly, not many 80s horror films sounded like Stranger Things. They were either full orchestras with synths or used nothing but synths while trying to make it sound like an orchestra. I did not want to do that. I selected a large ensemble of synth sounds to use and used them according to their limitations. I let the synths be synths. I did perform some post mixing effects but mostly to give it more reverb and depth at times. 

So sit back and go on this dark and creepy adventure both musically and narratively. Enjoy!

A horror “concept soundtrack album” that tells the story about a drug that brings about the return of the long thought to be extinct race of Werewolves.

Wheeling & Dealing

It’s The Work Of The Brotherin

Body Dysmorphia Paranoia

Tracking Down The Dealer

The Drug Works As Expected


A Sense Of Being Followed


Caught Red-Handed


The Brotherin IS The Connection


An Offer That Can’t Be Refused


The Brotherin Run Amuck


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Music Composed and Performed by: D4Disgruntled  

Mixed & Engineered by: D4Disgruntled  

Artwork by: D4Disgruntled  

All Intellectual Property, Copyrights and Licenses are owned by: D4Disgruntled


D4Disgruntled creates “Concept Soundtrack Albums” in which he rescores horror and sci-fi movies and shows with original new music while also composing music inspired by his own horror, sci-fi, fantasy and action stories.

He is a huge fan of film music since high school. 25 years building a knowledge base and exposure to both a wide range of film music composers and the industry itself. His own musical styles are influenced by the following composers – some who are no longer with us: Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Christopher Young, Richard Band, Hans Zimmer, Marco Beltrami, John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream primarily.

D4Disgruntled also works as a music assistant for horror film composer Richard Band and manages his website. He has also been mentored by film composers Chuck Cirino (Chopping Mall) and John Massari (Killer Klowns From Outer Space).

His albums are not just for commercial gain and to build a fan-base but are a means to garnering the attention of filmmakers and content creators who might also be fans of his to eventually reach out and hire him to score their projects. They are long form narratives being told musically.

Composer’s Website: www.musicbyd4d.com

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