James Corbin is an ambitious high school history teacher who resides in the lively, yet dangerous city of New Orleans. He suffers from severe depression and anxiety and is on a downward spiral, unwilling to seek the help he desperately needs. His troubles are compounded by a lack of progress in his professional career, his disintegrating marriage, and lack of respect from his peers. While his struggles threaten to cripple him, the city is marred by a series of brutal religious murders.

However, it’s soon clear that there is not only one, but two murderers wreaking havoc on the city. While police chase the murderers, James focuses on his quest for professional success and self-worth from his research. Unfortunately for him, the research leads to the discovery of a nefarious essence, which unlocks a darkness and brings James face to face with a monster of his own. Within some people, there is something… off. Something dormant. A terror that, if found, will leave a path of pain in its wake.

“Loved this horror/supernatural book! As a fan of all things New Orleans, I truly appreciated the author’s unique perspective on the city and its history. You can tell that he really did his research. The characters are compelling, and the storyline kept me engaged through the story. I can’t wait for the second part!”

“I don’t usually read horror/thriller. I thought this was well written and made me think about what others go through. The characters were relatable and entertaining and I found myself happy about certain things that happened. I won’t spoil it.”

“This book was a great read. The author is very descriptive and detailed. It was fresh air with its original story. I can’t wait for the next one!”

“This book was a great read. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The author has a very vivid imagination. You can tell that he did a lot of research before writing this book. The details throughout the novel makes you feel as if you were inside of the minds of each character yourself. The fact that it was written based around the city of New Orleans, was exciting as well. The places in the story and culture of the city brought back memories of growing up in the Cresent city. I will be following this author and hope to read more amazing stories by him in the future.”

“Descent of a Broken Man was completely entertaining. The characters were relatable and the story touched on a very sensitive topic that needs to be addressed more. If this is the first of a series, I want to see where the author goes next.”

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About Author Ashon Ruffins

Ashon Ruffins is a native New Orleanian and a military Veteran. He earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, while also holding certifications for several other professions. He loves the art of storytelling in all genres and believes the best lessons in life can be told through fiction. Descent of a Broken Man is his debut novel.

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