Those are just a few of the packages of perks that could be yours in return for supporting Jammin’ Dead!

But what is the Jammin Dead?

A group of friends rent a remote cabin only to find the police in search of a recently missing person and soon fall prey to multiple different murderous psychopaths of differing origins who have all been gathered there by the undead for a mysterious reason. Now it’s up to the only man who knows how to stop this ragtag ensemble of slashers, a revenge driven former cop believed by many to be a killer himself, to save the surviving friends and clear his name.

Inspired by classic horror films like Evil Dead, Friday the 13th, Return of The Living Dead and more, this indie horror movie’s cast and crew consists entirely of passionate horror fans who want to do the genre they love justice including Thom Mathews (Return of The Living Dead, Friday the 13th Part VI)!


Ashlynn Hideman, Shawn Heitman, Thom Mathews, AJ Meyer, and Marco Vespa

Written and directed by:

Josh McFadden

Everybody involved are chomping at the bit to give you the best most entertaining and terror-ific experience you can have with this movie from the talented acting performances to the FULLY PRACTICAL GORE AND CREATURE FX! Showers of blood, twin bladed chainsaw vs machete wielding maniac fights, demonic zombies, heads exploding, a JAMMIN’ rock soundtrack….THIS MOVIE HAS IT ALL! We need your help to see it through!

That’s you horror fans!

Please click the link and support this campaign today…


Don’t forget about those awesome perks like…

-Your picture can appear on a missing poster in the movie

-Movie poster autographed by Thom Mathews

-Credit as executive producer in the movie and on IMDB

-Appear in several scenes and have dialogue with Thom Mathews

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-Learn more about the movie

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-Find all of the available perks

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