First Look: “Appetite for Sin” Starring Mike Ferguson

1331 Films and A Shadow In The Dark, LLC Presents “Appetite For Sin” starring Mike Ferguson (Death Squad), Devanny Pinn (Pretty Boy), Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead), Robert (Devil’s Rejects), and Eileen Eietz (The Exorcist) with Director Matthew Vinaja.

Special Effects Joe Castro & Mike Ferguson

Here is a FIRST LOOK at some BEHIND THE SCENES footage with Mike Ferguson along with the OFFICIAL TRAILER.

The story of women vampires walking among the living in Los Angeles. The lead Vampire Sarah Hase, is searching for the most current Vampire Killer, Jeffery Nelson. Sarah, who is also an undercover FBI agent, wants to catch him in the act and have him live in jail for eternity. Another Vampire is also out to get him, but wants to instantly kill him. Or is she using Jeffery Nelson to get to Sarah? Who will get to Jeffery Nelson first?

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