Doorway to Nightmare is a full cast audio horror with a few pics to color your imagination. Join us for these dramatizations of suspense, mystery, and horror! Our horror goes from monsters, vampires, ghouls and ghosts to the comedic, just to explore genre’s. We also have a few sci fi stories. Doorway to Nightmare has been created by Crimson McKenzie and Winslow Swan. All stories are edited by Crimson McKenzie. 

Before their 5th season begins, we would like to share some episodes from their 4th season so that you know what to expect…

Episode 1: Everyday

Ever had a bad day? What if the same bad day happened over and over again?

“Awesome program really enjoyed it and waiting on the next installment!”

Episode 2: The Magician

Jenny only wanted something more for her life. She should have been happy with what she had.

“Great stuff as always.”

“Excellent episode!! Will tune in same time same channel next week!”

Episode 6: Speak of the Dead

Henry knows he killed her….or did he?

“Damn…that was a head scratcher for sure! It was amazing”

“Dandy little tale……… you all do a marvelous job and are very entertaining, enjoyed it and will be back next week, same time same channel!”

Episode 9: Hanging Tree

The old west had its share of horror as well.

Better every week………it’s almost like you try😂😅, your hard work and dedication shows.”

Episode 12: Shadows

Even with the lights out, its the same in the dark…or is it?

“It’s always a bad thing when you look into the darkness and the darkness looks back. Great show as always.”

“I always love the stories”

Hope you enjoyed some highlights from season 4!

Season 5 begins August 12th!!!

Remember that new episodes premiere Friday’s at 7pm (EDT) on their YouTube Channel!

They also just began a new series “The Casebook Of Sydney Chase”, a private eye mystery.

 You can find more information about Winslow Swan at:

And don’t forget to follow him on Twitter and Instagram, and “Like” his Facebook page!

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