As a huge horror fan all my life, I have always searched for weird, atmospheric and obscure horror films. My goal with this channel is to continue with that. However I would like to bring everyone one along on my journey. I want to have conversations and branch out and experience movie/shows I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards. So if you would like to come on this journey with me. Join the collective!

Join the collective, and enjoy episodes like…

The Invitation – NON-SPOILER Movie Review

Today I’ll be Reviewing the new vampire movie The Invitation. Grab your Fake fangs and some box wine and lets get into it.

5 Movies To Watch If Your Like… Paranormal Activity

Today Ill be starting my new series called 5 Movies To Watch If You Like… Insert Movie Franchise. I will be recommending 5 movies that I think are the best in that genre or close to the film in the title. Hope you enjoy my picks.

Orphan First Kill NON-SPOILER Movie Review

After 13 years we get a prequel story to the 2009 movie Orphan. What did I think? Check out my review to find out.

Ranking Every Halloween Movie (1978-2021) – Tier List

Halloween ends in a only a few months away. So time to dive in and rank all the Halloween movies.

TERRIFIER 2 – Full Trailer Reaction

Today I will be reacting to the first trailer for Terrifier 2. Lets see how this stacks against the original.

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