Paul Keys left the seminary before becoming a priest, putting that life in his past. When a Bishop is brutally murdered, the Church he previously walked away from comes to him for help. His findings shake his core beliefs, as an ancient force is revealed. A series of unholy events unfold, causing Paul to experience Hell on earth, as the true face of evil is revealed.

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From the depths of the supernatural and demonic lore sits Stull, Kansas. Still is considered to be the seventh gateway to Hell, and a place where rumors say the Devil himself roams. The stories about Stull are legendary. They are too good for a group of college students who want to take a closer look to pass up.

“I really enjoyed Stull. I thought it was a great book. A couple times, while reading in the dark, I would see things out of the corner of my eyes. I don’t typically write reviews but this book was good enough for me to say something. After reading it I had to look up Stull Kansas to see what I could find. This book intrigued me that much. A great book about some urban legends. Highly recommend.”

“The writing was captivating. I couldn’t put the book down. The characters were relatable and I found myself not wanting the book to end!”

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Tortured is the first book of the Linda Riley Investigation series.

Everyone has a destiny, there are those in life who clearly have a purpose- Linda Riley is one of these people. Linda was born to be a Detective. Linda was placed on the path to reach her true calling when she helped stop a heinous crime as a child.

Now, as a young Detective, Linda is an expert in Behavioral Science and Psychology, able to understand the criminal psyche. She is able to analyze what all is said, and unsaid- an expert in deception. Those skills are needed with a serial killer at large.

In “Tortured”, there is a killer that has emerged. A string of violent, savage, murders puts Linda in the desperate position of trying to find the killer before it is too late.

Linda must go inside of a tortured mind to find the killer in order to prevent any other women from being murdered.

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About Author David Healy

David Healy is a Kansas City native. As a child, David always had the dream of being an author. As life often does, he was taken down another path. However, he never lost his love of great stories or the desire to tell them. He pursued his lifelong dream with his first book, “The Return of the Don”.

You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram, “Like” his Facebook page, and subscribe to his YouTube Channel!

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