Michael S. Rodriguez Begins Production on DAISY

Michael S. Rodriguez Begins Production on DAISY with a promise of a Teaser on Halloween Night!

The mind behind Last American Horror Show 1 &2 has started production on DAISY, a top secret passion project that the director promises Will deliver as much gore as Storytelling.  “You will laugh, cry and jump in fright from this new movie. If you love old-school horror with jaw dropping endings and practical FX up the Wazoo, please stay tuned!- Michael S. Rodriguez ( Writer/Director/Producer)

Rodriguez is going grass roots with this project and is keeping who is involved and the plot under wraps as for now. Lee Turner(FEARFLIX) who has collaborated with Rodriguez in the past with FILM FIEND has signed on as Co-producer which will make this project exude horror as he is a Horror Host on After Hours Cinema. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for continuing news on Michael S. Rodriguez’s  DAISY. 

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