John James Minster Releases Supernatural Horror Novel

Anna Dingel is an introverted, socially inept 18-year-old raised in the family funeral home. In The Undertaker’s Daughter, she learns that she shouldn’t play with dead things.

In an attempt to frighten bullies into peace, Anna and her best friend Naomi experiment with recently revealed old Jewish magic. But this ancient Abrahamic ritual doesn’t go as planned. The eldritch power Anna has unleashed takes dark and unexpected turns, endangering those she loves and forcing her to decide who she is and who she wants to be.

 This spine-tingling supernatural horror story is about love, forgiveness, and consequences—and it has surprise twists throughout. The Undertaker’s Daughter was published on October 31, 2022 by Sunbury Press and is now available wherever books are sold.

 About the Author

John James Minster was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania. He has been publishing short horror stories in major magazines and horror anthologies since 1990 and has been operating a successful international business career in the technology sector since the 1980s. In July 2018, his debut middle-grade horror novel, Dreamjacker, was born of nightmares. Learn more at

Product Details:

Title: The Undertaker’s Daughter

Author: John James Minster

Category: Horror / Occult

ISBN: 9781620069561

Print Length: 230 pages

Publisher: Hellbender Books (an imprint of Sunbury Press, Inc.)

Retail Price: $19.95

Distributor: Ingram

Release date: October 31. 2022

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