Inspired by our passion for cosmic horror and H.P. Lovecraft, this is the first episode of our mini series, Watcher.

Story by:

Foghorn Prd.

Art by:

Giovanni Fim

Sound Design by:


Music by:

Altrusian Grace Media


“Beautiful art and creepy atmosphere. I especiially like how you didn’t show too much of the monster and let the characters’ actions show how powerful that creature is. I suspect, with the scene of the birth and mention of “the gate” that this is going to have some similarities with “The Dunwich Horror”.”

“Great stuff, eerie atmosphere! Hooked to see how things unfold.”

“This project is amazing! Can’t wait to see more!”

Perfect capture of the Cosmic Horror feel! So rare that anybody gets it this right.”

“Always love and appreciate pieces made with Lovecraft inspiration!! Beautifully drawn and the voice work is pretty good. Can’t wait to see more!!”

While they wait to see more NOW it’s your chance to see the first episode of Watcher

More Information About What’s Coming Next:

This is a passion project we developed over the last few months, with several other Watcher episodes in the making, this being our first animation/motion comic mini-series we are putting on Youtube. Other projects are also being developed, with an audio book we hope to launch pretty soon, but until then we have the second episode of our series that will be up and running on Youtube in a few weeks. We are planning on another 5-6 episodes for this project.

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