Rabbit Junk Brings Fatalism And Frustration To ‘Apocalypse For Beginners’

“Apocalypse For Beginners seamlessly blends various electronic and rock genres. The resulting nine tracks deliver a broad emotional range by juxtaposing aggression and defiance alongside introspection and vulnerability”. – Sputnik Musc

“Future Rock” band, Rabbit Junk has just unleashed their new LP, Apocalypse For Beginners.

Rabbit Junk draws subtle parallels between the challenges facing our species as a whole and the challenges facing our own personal lives. These challenges are characterized as foreseeable and yet tragically unavoidable. As such, the album communicates the fatalism and frustration of modernity alongside the lack of control we often feel over our own lives.

The album’s lead track “Stone Cold” (Feat. Amelia Arsenic) exemplifies Rabbit Junk’s willingness to take risks and defy genre norms. “Stone Cold” is a gender-fluid and genre-mashing anthem with an infectious sing-a-long chorus. The song featuries lyrics in both German and English delivered by masculine and feminine vocal textures floating over a mélange of punk, drum & bass, metal, and hip hop.

Other standout tracks include “Nostromo”, a sci-fi influenced art-metal meets synthwave track which is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and “Love Is Hell”, a decidedly danceable and gritty homage to everyone’s broken hearts.

Apocalypse For Beginners is available NOW on CD via Bandcamp and on all major digital platforms everywhere.

Buy/Stream Rabbit Junk Now Via Bandcamp

Consisting of J.P. Anderson and the enigmatic “Sum Grrrl”, Rabbit Junk is categorized under the Digital Hardcore, Future-rock, and Industrial Metal genres and has been active since the release of their eponymous debut album in 2004. Rabbit Junk’s sound is unique in its broad range; a single track may blend pop influence with extreme metal and drum & bass, all while retaining a distinctive signature.

Their visual aesthetic is similarly sui generis in its unapologetic use of the color pink alongside the macabre and dystopian imagery of the industrial metal tradition. This genre-defying approach has garnered Rabbit Junk an open-minded fan base of cos-players, pastel-goths, philosopher rivetheads, death ravers, twisted cutesters, neurodivergents, dooms-day prepping cyberpunks, and many in-between. These disparate misfits sometimes call themselves “rabbitjunkies” and their mascot is known simply as the “murder bunny”. In their normal lives,

J.P. is a professor of Political Science and Sum Grrrl is a psychologist. They have two children who are quietly plotting the overthrow of civilization as we know it. Rabbit Junk’s latest full-length album Apocalypse For Beginners was released on October 21st, 2022.

Apocalypse For Beginners was recorded, mixed, mastered, and distributed independently on a shoe-string budget drawn from the act’s own meager savings. And yet the production quality easily compares to anything offered by the most prominent labels in the industrial-metal, futurerock, and synthwave genresphere. The album debuted (10/21/2022) as the #2 best-selling release on Bandcamp and has demonstrated strong streaming performance, garnering well over 100k streams across all platforms in its first week alone. In fact, Apocalypse For Beginners is taking shape to be Rabbit Junk’s most commercially successful album to date.

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