Announcement of the Horror Novel – ‘Flight of the Phantasmadactyls’

On November 25 – Black Friday – horror comic creator Matt Schorr returned to Kickstarter to fund his latest terrifying tome, FLIGHT OF THE PHANTASMADACTYLS. This marked his first literary project on the well-known crowdfunding platform. He hopes it won’t be the last.

Click here to check out the campaign.

“Flight of the Phantasmadactyls is the fourth installment in my Zombiesaurus Series,” Matt explained. “It’s the latest horrifying adventure a handful of kids face when ghostly creatures from another universe invade their town.”

The first three books featured a Zombiesaurus Rex, Vampire Velociraptors and a deadly Were-A-Saurus. The beasts made their way into our world thanks to slipgate technology previously forgotten and stored in an old, abandoned warehouse. The phantasmadactyls arrive when a greedy opportunist reopens the slipgate, bridging our universe to theirs.

Matt is likely best known for his previous outings on Kickstarter, which funded his award-winning horror comic “Moby Dick: Back from the Deep.” The high seas terror tale gained him a sliver of online notoriety among indie comics and horror circles and earned him the 2021 Independent Creator/Comix Crowdfunder of the Year Award.

His other works include Monster Hunter for Hire and Jesus Christ: Demon Slayer.

“I’m best known online as the guy who wrote about the zombie whale,” Matt quipped. “Meanwhile, I’m best known at conventions as the guy who wrote about Jesus. It’s an interesting paradox.”

Matt’s hometown of Clarksville, TN, likely knows him best as the weekly humor columnist of The Hard Way in the Leaf-Chronicle, an ongoing saga of the trials and tribulations of an unlikely family man. He also hosts a regular podcast called “Tales from a Small Town Journalist” where he interviews community reporters to chat about their unique experiences.

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