“Werewolf Cabal” Starring Vernon Wells & Dani Thompson Coming Soon to VOD Platforms

Werewolf Cabal starring Vernon Wells (Mad Max) and Dani Thompson (Christmas Slay) is coming soon to VOD platforms Amazon Prime, TubiTV, Mometu, Xumo, Plex and The Roku Channel.

An American author travels to a small rural town in the UK to collect an inheritance after his estranged mother dies. During his stay, he uncovers a cabal who worship Lycanthrope.

“One of my favourite memories from Werewolf Cabal was shooting a head decapitation scene in the graveyard of the church we hired at three in the morning! Being a huge horror film fan, it doesn’t get much better than this!”Filmmaker, ‘Chris Sanders’

For more information http://www.blackcoppicefilms.com 

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