Nightmares Unleashed, an oneiric style of film, brings together multiple sub-genres of horror in telling the story of a young lady, RAVEN who gets sucked into the T.V., and must battle to escape the nightmares and creatures of the films she’s watched.

Raven enters the T.V into the first realm of the Cult of The Scarecrow and meets her first monster out to get her. She must find a T.V to escape the scene (movie she is trapped in) which takes her to a brand new challenge to overcome. She will face Witches, Zombies, A Mad Scientist with his eyeless corpses, a Vampire Masquerade with full musical numbers, a Fisherman Killer at Camp AppleBrook and complete the journey with the being who originally pulled her into the Realm of Nightmares, Joseph the Jester at his Haunted House.

Throughout the story she does run into someone she trusts who has been trapped in the world for years just trying to find his younger sister who was captured by Joseph the Jester. We learn he pulls kids in to be his clown slaves and if they disobey he turns them into Balloon Animals and if he pops them, their soul is lost forever.

Will Raven be able to stop Joseph the Jester or will his plan of kidnapping her to be his wife finally make able to control both worlds, his Nightmare Realm and our Human World?


Alynn Rixo, Nick “Troy” Hall, Matthew Mark Hunter, Riley Wade Chase, Crazy Bob Turner, Eric Makowski, Lynne Acton McPherson,  Nick Lukat, Shawn Lukat, and John Catheline 

Creator, Writer, and Director:

Matthew Mark Hunter

Nightmares Unleashed was originally a short film created in 2018 which won multiple awards and was a Top 10 Film for 6 Weeks in a Row.

Check out the short film for yourself…

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