Genre Specialist Black Mandala Presents THE BURNED OVER DISTRICT

Genre specialist Black Mandala presents the brutal cultist horror movie, “THE BURNED OVER DISTRICT”, directed by James and Vincent Coleman, inspired by real events. The film won “Best Feature” in Strange Days Horror Fest and Independent Horror Movie Awards; “Best Thriller” in The Thing in the Basement Horrorfest; “Best Cinematography” in Top Indie Film Awards; “Best Cinematography”, “Best Actor”, “Best Music”, “Best Badass”, “Best Special Effects”, “Best Kill” and “Best Gore” in Independent Horror Movie Awards; “Most Terrifying” and “Best FX” in Top Indie Film Awards.

A grieving man discovers that the seemingly quiet town is hiding a very terrifying secret. Now he must find a way to overcome his grief and fight back against the darkness that has consumed the town and its people.

The Critic said:

“A gritty, gripping cinematic roller coaster that takes viewersto unexpected places, and looks great doing so.”
Joseph Perry – Gruesome Magazine

“A gruesome supernatural tale of dread and unapologetic horror!”
Steve Wang (Predator/ Monster Squad)

“An indie twist on the cultist subgenre that’s different enough to make it worth the ride.”
William Lockwood – Rely on Horror

“Wildly filled with action and gore”
Richard Gary – Indie Horror Films

“A pretty awesome piece of genre cinema.”
Mike Haberfelner – Search my trash

Director: James Coleman, Vincent Coleman
Script: James Coleman, Vincent Coleman
Cast: Bill Kennedy, Caitlyn Stephenson, Amy Zubieta, Bill Smith
Cinematography: James Coleman
Art Direction: Kaylin Cervini
Producers: James Coleman, Vincent Coleman, Ken Cosentino, Michael Del Rossa, Baird Hageman
Associated Producers: Nicolás Onetti, Michael Kraetzer

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