105ive Partners with Gray Sky Pictures for Found Footage Feature “THE WOODMEN”

105ive Films president Louie La Vella has inked a co-production deal with Gray Sky Pictures and happy to announce their collaboration to produce a found footage feature titled “THE WOODMEN.” The film is scheduled to begin shooting in June in Georgia.

Gray Sky Pictures, the production company responsible for “MOTHMAN” (2022), is partnering with 105ive for this project. Joshua Brucker will serve as the writer and director of “THE WOODMEN.”

This partnership comes after 105ive’s first feature, “INVITED,” which was shot in January and is planned for release later this year.

Gray Sky Pictures has enlisted Tyler Horner, known for his work on “THE HOUSE AMONG THE TREES,” as the cinematographer for “THE WOODMEN.”

The film will include two actresses from the horror franchise, Scream, Nancy Anne Ridder, and Leonora Scelfo, in its cast. Additionally, LC Holt, known for his roles in “WATCHDOG,” “VHS 2,” and “YOU’RE NEXT,” will also be joining the cast.

With a creative team and a cast of experienced actors, “THE WOODMEN” aims to provide quite the experience for found footage horror fans. More updates will be available as the project progresses.

The Woodmen Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1125697468059192/

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