A vampire-crime feature inspired by 1960’s and 1970’s horror movies and exploitation classics such as Blackula, Coffey, Dolemite and Blackenstein.

When an ancient vampire couple takes refuge in an art gallery, they soon cross paths with a supernatural obsessed, criminal kingpin and must fight to save their existence and stop him from enacting a demonic scheme.


Bishop Stevens (“Empire,” “Chicago P.D.,” “Revealer,” “Girl on the 3rd Floor,” many more!)

Lynn Lowry (“The Crazies,” “Cat People,” “Shivers,” “Model Hunger,” many more!)

Harold Dennis (“Pieces of a Dream,” “Paradigm Grey,” “American Greed,” so many more!)

David Goodloe (“Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers,” “Unheard,” “Chicago P.D.,” more!)

Matt Gall (“River Walk,” “The Willowbrook,” “Reservations,” many more!)

James Barbee (“Target Diaries,” “187 Zombie Lane,” “Chi-Raq: The Series,” many more!)

Gabby B (Brazilian singing sensation, “Loot,” “To Que To,” many more!)

Sophie Schumacher (“Scraps,” “219,” more…)

Montell Griffin (Professional boxer, actor in “Choke on That,” “Reckless Enlightment.”)

Andrew Anderson (Professional wrestler and actor in “Gotham,” “Blade & Blood,” “The Wrestler”!)

Juanita Blaino (2012 National WBBOverall/Heavyweight Champion, IFBB Pro 2013 Ms. Olympia)

Natalie Wolfe (IFBB Women’s Physique Pro, NASM,CPT,FNS,SFS,GPTS, TRX, PN1.)

Brandan Gaither (“Don’t Save Me,” “Dead Girls,” “Vampyr”)

Anthony Wesley (Radio personality and actor best known for “Cassandra’s Echo.”)

Directed by: 

Del Harvey

Written by:

Louis Childress

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