“the ending was one of the best endings that I’ve seen in horror love this genre”

“I love how it’s start and ends”

“This was really creepy! Great sound design, I love how hard it hits. The ending VFX surprisingly well done.”

“Love this! Great work all round.”

“Great short film Sean and John. It reminds me of the series Freddy’s Nightmares. I love the idea and it’s done very well. Keep up the great work.”

“does a fantastic job of packing a lot into that small amount of time. The special effects are great. The story is really interesting and provokes a lot of questions about the origin of the box, the reason that it was delivered to this person, and why the ending happened the way it did. The best part about this short was the atmosphere. The score added some immediate tension that carried throughout the film and was something we immediately enjoyed.”

Not only has it received tons of amazing reviews, it has started to rack up the awards at film festivals…

Irish Horror film wins 23 International Awards from Ukraine to Hollywood. 

Irish film director Sean Breathnach and lead actor John Ryan Howard have won multiple International awards from Ukraine to Hollywood. Cork born actor John Ryan Howard has won 7 Best Actor awards for his lead performance in Sean Breathnach’s horror short ‘Don’t Open The Box.’ The 7 wins include San Diego International, Hollywood Blood Horror Festival, Inside Film and the New Jersey Film Awards.

Offaly native Breathnach has won 16 awards for ‘Don’t Open The Box’ across a range of categories which include Best Horror Short, Best Short Film, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Design and 6 Best Director Awards.

“As the director, I am overjoyed by the 23 awards ‘Don’t Open The Box‘ has received. The success of ‘Don’t Open The Box‘ on the international stage is a testament to the universal appeal of horror and the dedication of everyone involved. I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved together, and I’m delighted to see John Ryan Howard getting recognition for his wonderful performance’’ – Sean Breathnach.


A man receives a mysterious box that brings forth unspeakable evil into his home.

Directed by: Sean Breathnach (You’re Next, Beyond The Woods).

Starring: John Ryan Howard (Gateway, Beyond The Woods)

Supported by: Offaly Arts 

Box Design: Lisa Zagone

Again… we tempt you to watch the film but remember DON’T OPEN THE BOX…

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