“Crappy Christmas – Yuletide Suicide” Clayanimated Genre Film for Adults

Anyone who has seen the uncut version of the Christmas horror anthology “Deathcember” knows the infamous claymation segment: “Crappy Christmas – Operation Christmas Child”The polarizing and radical short film was censored in the US and UK and cut from the Deathcember VOD and VHS releases.

During its festival run as a standalone film, mainly in europe, the horror cartoon has won 19 Awards and 2 Special Mentions. and, according to Hexploitation Festival director Aaron Allen, was the reason Deathcember was awarded “Most Shocking Film”. Now the Weirdoughmationfilms team is in preproduction of a sequel. As in the previous film “Crappy Christmas – Operation Christmas Child”, the film breaks with the viewing habits of mainstream cinema by contrasting the rather cute clay animation look, which the viewer still primarily associates with children’s programs or family-friendly entertainment, with violent, often taboo topics. This time it’s about depression, suicide and police violence.

In “Crappy Christmas: Yuletide – Suicide,” protagonist Kid makes several (unsuccessful) suicide attempts, leaving a trail of destruction on himself and his environment. Finally, Kid puts all his hope in a letter to Santa. The project, for which director Jürgen Kling wrote the script and created a storyboard during the lock-down, is already quite advanced. The majority of the 14 characters have been build, the main set is almost finished. The preparations should be completed by the end of the year so the 5-8 month shoot can begin in 2024. A production funding application was rejected by the Hessian film funding agency Hessenfilm. In order to cover the costs for the project, crowdfunding will start on STARTNEXT October 1st. The progress of production will be documented on Weirdoughmationfilms’ Facebook and Instagram channels.

Link to Startnext

Weirdoughmationfilms on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/Weirdoughmationfilms

Weirdoughmationfilms on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/weirdoughmation

VideosOperation Christmas Child Trailerhttps://youtu.be/opklJtdBCx8?si=p-yOewRsg2TmhcSM

Yuletide Suicide Animatic samplehttps://youtu.be/3oZcFBzdzc8?si=gYde5L-Cyx5bWGeQ

Making of Kids sad walk cyclehttps://youtu.be/lC9Fjt3yFTY?si=-oxnLwDvaP0na_ij

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