SPACEBRAINS3D Screens at MonstahXpo 3D in Massachusetts

SPACEBRAINS3D Screens at MonstahXpo 3D in Massachusetts. You Got a Problem with That?

I’m excited to announce that on October 14th & October 15th, the good people of Massachusetts will have a chance to experience the miracle of SpaceBrains3D on the big screen.

Throughout the weekend, the attendees of MonstahXpo 3D will be able to don their anaglyph 3D glasses to enjoy the full SpaceBrains3D catalogue, including SpaceBrains3D screenings of Gammera 3D: The Goodman Cut and The Phantom Planet 3D (both films beloved by viewers of Mystery Science Theater 3000), House on Haunted Hill (starring Vincent Price and featuring an homage to director/showman William Castle with the introduction of Emergo 2.0), and the atmospheric cult hit, Carnival of Souls.

This follows my system’s triumphant theatrical premiere at the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival on October 1st, and marks the first public exhibition of SpaceBrains3D’s conversions of legendary public domain genre films. It’s a special thrill to know that MonstahXpo 3D’s guests will get a chance to experience my unique approach to bringing a new dimension to fantastic film, which incorporates AI and manual techniques, plus a few weird little tricks of my own.

MonstahXpo 3D runs from October 14, 2023 through October 15th, 2023 at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center; 700 Myles Standish Boulevard; Taunton, MA 02780. Tickets are available at

Website: https://monstahxpos.comConvention contact:

SpaceBrains3D Clips:(Please use red/cyan anaglyph 3D glasses for best effect)

Promo: on Haunted Hill 3D: 3D: The Goodman Cut:

SpaceBrains3D store:


Hi, I’m Dan Persons, the dba behind Upstart Company and the conceiver, developer, and sole practitioner of SpaceBrains3D, a system that combines AI and manual processes to create a unique brand of dimensional entertainment. This is by no means a fly-by-night, cash-in type of operation; I come to it from a lifelong passion for how tech can be used to create more experiential forms of art, three years of experimentation born of a dissatisfaction over how mainstream studios were utilizing stereoscopic presentation as a cynical way to apply a premium upsell to the same-ol’ same-ol’, and a thirty year background in film journalism and criticism, including stints at and, my editorship at the legendary fan magazine Cinefantastique, and present posts doing reviews for WBAI NY’s Hour of the Wolf, and a monthly column, The SF Path to Higher Consciousness, for

This is a very personal and intensely creative project for me. I am eager to discuss my views on the use of film tech to enhance a viewer’s experience, my personal journey in developing SpaceBrains3D, and why I regard what I’m producing as artistic works in their own right. I’m available for interview by phone or on-line, in-person here in Philadelphia, and can also come to you if it can be accommodated within a day-trip.


MonstahXpo is a horror-themed pop culture exposition with curated artists, creators, movie makers, vendors, and special celebrity guests. Join us this October for a 3D experience that will include panels and special 3D movie screenings – even the maps and signs will be in 3D!

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