Black Market Escape Rooms Inc. Ventures into Hollywood with “MurderCo” Feature Film

Black Market Escape Rooms Inc. (BMERINC) proudly announces the commencement of pre production for an upcoming full-feature film centered around “MurderCo,” their renowned and award-winning horror escape experience. This cinematic venture marks a significant step forward for BMERINC as it sets its sights on Hollywood.

In the exciting pre-production stage of the MurderCo feature film, Black Market Escape Rooms Inc. is preparing for a cinematic venture that promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions. Scheduled to kick off casting right after the holidays, the company aims to assemble a cast that not only embodies the dark nuances of MurderCo but also brings a dynamic range of talent to the screen. The narrative, woven with suspense and horror, will introduce MurderCo artists who have honed their craft within the immersive escape room setting, ensuring an authentic portrayal of the spine-chilling experience.

David M. Parks, a seasoned professional with nearly a decade of experience in the film industry, has been enlisted as the Director of Photography for this exciting project. Parks, known for his diverse portfolio that includes feature films, music videos, documentaries, and commercial and television projects released on prominent platforms such as Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, Lifetime, Netflix, and the SyFy Channel, brings a wealth of expertise to the MurderCo film.

Parks expresses his excitement about joining the project, stating, “Cinematography is my true passion and MurderCo provides a unique canvas to create an immersive visual experience. This story is going to be horrifically bold and I am eager for this collaboration.”

The story, rich with twists and turns, will skillfully blend terrifying jump scares with moments of dark humor, offering audiences an emotional rollercoaster that transcends the conventional horror genre. Embracing an R-rated slasher style, the film will feature visceral kills that are both shocking and memorable, staying true to the MurderCo legacy. As the project progresses into casting, excitement builds for the reveal of the ensemble that will bring this multifaceted story to life. The MurderCo feature film is poised to be a captivating fusion of fear, laughter, and cinematic innovation, solidifying Black Market Escape Rooms Inc.’s position as a pioneering force in Hollywood’s immersive entertainment landscape.

Timothy Gough, the visionary founder behind Black Market Escape Rooms Inc., anticipates that this cinematic adaptation will unveil the dark wonders that have established MurderCo as a horror cult favorite among fans. Gough stands as an acclaimed innovator in the realm of horror escape experiences, with over ten years of experience in public relations, concert production, brand marketing, and content creation, has been a dynamic force in the entertainment industry.

“We are thrilled to embark on this cinematic journey with MurderCo, bringing its immersive horror experience to the big screen,” says Timothy Gough. “This film will not only captivate our loyal fans but also introduce the unnerving allure of MurderCo to a broader audience.”

Black Market Escape Rooms Inc. has consistently demonstrated its leadership in immersive entertainment, pushing creative boundaries with successful orchestrations of Theme Park Productions, Hollywood Movie Sets, 3D Audio Engineering, and the integration of talented actors within the confines of escape rooms. Dedicated to delivering limitless imaginations, BMERINC is poised to redefine the possibilities within the realm of immersive experiences with the MurderCo feature film.

About Black Market Escape Rooms Inc.:

Black Market Escape Rooms Inc. is a pioneering force in immersive entertainment, renowned for its innovative horror escape experiences. With a commitment to pushing creative boundaries, the company has successfully ventured into Theme Park Productions, Hollywood Movie Sets, 3D Audio Engineering, and the seamless integration of talented actors within the immersive escape room environment. For more information, visit

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